The Nu collection marks a return to simple forms, of objects reduced to their essential expression, to a synthesis of the most basic elements. The collection features three different handles – Pin, Dome and Stripes– that are “dyed” in six glossy colours inspired by Roca’s Mediterranean DNA – green, blue, yellow, black, white and chrome.
Nu presents a world of possibilities in different forms and finishes, offering unfettered creativity with multiple solutions to personalise the bathroom space. With an emphasis on design, these streamlined and “sculpted” faucets have versatility and colour as their greatest asset. With its 35 millimetre diameter, Roca’s thinnest to-date, Nu blends ingenuity, sustainability and quality in an exciting new collection.

The essence of all faucets is in their details. The red and blue dots that indicate cold and hot are discreetly placed under the handles so that when the tap is turned on, the design creates a smiling face, a bit like that of a little English Guardsmen with a top hat and raised sword. This subtle detail adds an element of play into the everyday routine, establishing a connection with the user and stimulating the imagination.