MUSSELBLOMMA is a family composed of a bag, two cushion covers and a tablecloth.

The polyester fabric used in MUSSELBLOMMA is made from recycled plastic, including PET plastic waste caught in nets in the Mediterranean Sea and collected by Spanish fishermen. For every kilo of PET plastic waste that can be used to make the polyester fabric another 9 kilo of waste like other plastics, metal, rubber, glass and other materials is also taken out of the ocean.
After the collection the plastic is aggregated in containers onshore in ports, and is then cleaned, sorted, mechanically recycled and together with recycled PET bottles made into yarn and fabric. The whole supply chain for the products is located in Spain.

We have created a simple and modern pattern with circles, squares and triangles combined with a shape that reminds of a fish. The colours in the collection are taken from the sea: different greens and turquoise combined with coral that brings light and happiness to the pattern

We are very happy and proud to be part of this project. We want to help people to be conscious about the problem of the big amount of plastic waste in our oceans. It is a must that we all take responsibility, every day.

Designed alongside Susana Rodríguez.